Get to Know Krypto!

I figured I should probably introduce my dog, Krypto. He is half chocolate lab and half weinmaraner. He is 3 years old and definitely spoiled! He sleeps with my husband and I, and owns the house pretty much. We adopted him from a shelter when he was 2 months old, and he had some definite stomach issues. It probably took 10 months before he became a normal puppy and was potty trained. The name came from my comic book nerd of a husband since he loves Superman. Here are some pictures over the years.

2 Months Old

6 Months Old….We dressed as Scooby Doo and Friends for Halloween


1 Year Picture: Daddy had surgery, so Krypto kept him company!


2 Years Old

Krypto definitely likes to cuddle. Or maybe sleep.


Recent picture:)






3 thoughts on “Get to Know Krypto!

  1. OMG! I don’t remember Krypto being that little AT ALL! He was sooo cute. Can we get him small again? PS. I don’t know if this comments on the whole blog or just Krypto’s Corner…..but I like this! Tell us about the college class that you teach, Professor! I called you the other day to see how it was going, but I probably called right during class haha. I am new to blogs, but this is very nice 🙂 Oh, and you should run to Charleston….it will give you good practice for a marathon 🙂

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