Run #1: 3 Miles

Nice and easy, right? Almost! I struggled with the 1st mile, there was an elderly man running behind me going super fast, so what did I do? I ran super fast and killed myself after the first mile! It was hard to get back to my normal pace after that, which sucked, but at least I survived and finished the first workout of the training!

Things I need to work on:

  • Breathing Better: I had a cough a few months ago that was left untreated, and must have messed my lungs up, so I need to learn to control my breathing better.
  • Stretch: I need to take the 5 minutes to stretch before I go running. I always just want to get it done with, but I know that could end up with a possible injury.
  • Hydrate: I hydrate right before the run, but I don’t hydrate regularly throughout the day.
  • Eat more protein: When I was training for the half marathon last fall, I made sure to eat more protein! It was crazy the difference, so hopefully I get back into that habit.

Brooks PureFlow

Brooks PureFlow

I also got to wear my new shoes! They are fabulous! Light and very supportive in the right areas. They also breathe so my feet don’t feel hot!

6 miles tomorrow! Hopefully I can work on some of those flaws and see a difference in tomorrow’s run.


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