Weekend Recap

We thought we were going to have a super relaxed weekend, and then we started filling it up with plans. At least they were fun plans with people we like:)

We went to a 70’s party for my friend’s birthday! We was super surprised, his birthday is a month away!! My husband dressed in a purple suit…I guess he was going for Austin Power’s, and I just threw together whatever was in my closet. I am really bad a putting together costumes. I just wore a purple dress with a scarf as a belt:)

70's Party

The Host and I at the 70’s Party


Saturday was spent mostly at the Provisional Members Retreat for the Junior League of Savannah. I decided to join this organization last year, but it was too late to apply. I made sure to not miss it this year! It was great, they grouped us together based on where we lived, so I was able to meet the ladies from Bluffton, HHI and Pooler. It was a short retreat, which was okay with all of us! We knew most of the stuff, I think we were just excited to finally get to know some of the people we would be hanging out with over the year. The first meeting a few weeks ago, was awkward and felt like sorority recruitment! (I almost ran in the opposite direction).

My neighbor gave me a fabulous haircut and straightened my hair….so I figured Collier and I couldn’t sit in on Saturday night, so we went and got Hibachi with her and her husband. Never let straight hair go to waste!

Sunday started early with church, and then we went to Beaufort to have a late birthday lunch with my buddy Kelsey and her parentals. And we ate at this place….

Cheese Fries with Sausage Gravy

Their specialty is a fat patty of any sort (black bean, beef, half beef, half bacon, shrimp, or turkey patty) and then topped with lots of goodies.


And then we had ice cream. All on a Sunday afternoon. We all then headed home to slip into a food coma.


And that was our weekend!


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