10 Miler

On Sunday, I had 10 miles on the schedule to run. I was on vacation, and I NEVER run while on vacation. Well My husband and I are travelling a lot these next few months, so we have no choice! We must run while on our vacay! I was in my hometown of Brandon, (East of Tampa) Florida, and my parents were so excited. At first they wanted to do the whole thing with me, until they realized they have not exercised in about a year. So then they came up with this brilliant idea of taking turns…one would be with me, while the other would drive ahead. Goodness.

This clearly was a dumb idea. I love the support from my parents, but seriously? They are 50 and walk a lot, but hardly ever run. So it was a fun 2 hours with my parentals, and plus some, but they enjoyed it.

My Dad and I

We decided to run to my grandparents, which is about 5 miles away. We actually were able to run by my high school, which is .3 miles away. (Interesting Fact #1: I HAVE NEVER walked to my high school.) How embarrassing is that?

Bloomingdale HS

We also ran by my middle school on the way to my grandparent’s house! I actually realized while I was very active in my dance classes, I was very lazy in other aspects of my life. We made it to my Grandparent’s house in about an hour, which wasn’t too bad. But then we relaxed and had some ice-cold water and stretched…basically what my body does not like to do in the middle of a run! The run back was brutal, so we decided to change it up and went a different route. We ran by my older sister’s school where she works, and ran into her In-Laws! How fun! Reminds me of what a small town it truly is.

Interesting end to my weekend at home:

Happy Monday!


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