Pinkies Up!

Wedding Season is here! I have some great friends getting hitched within the next few months, and on Saturday we kicked off the season with BDial’s Bridal Shower. It was held at the Tea Cup Tea Room in Brandon, FL. Beautiful and unique! Perfect for a shower. We had great snacks including Chicken Salad on Croissants, little cucumber bites, raspberry scones, fresh fruit with Devonshire Cream and some yummy desserts.

Bridal Shower Yummies!


Brittany is engaged to her lovely Fiance, Mark, and they are perfect together! They will be getting married in November and Collier and I cannot wait! It is hard to find a couple Collier and I both love hanging out with…..and we both look forward to many trips and memories with these two!

BDial and Mark!

Brittany and I met in middle school or high school. Not sure which one, but we instantly became friends! We ran in the same circles, and we both liked to stay out of the drama….(Not much has changed, right Brit?) I have lost a lot of friendships because I was so busy in college, and because I hardly ever would visit friends out of town…..but not my friendship with Brittany! She never held it against me for being busy…she actually supported me!

Anywho, now that they are the closest people near us geographically, we are super excited for fun couple trips! Both of our men are engineers, so they have the same mind and think a like!

Cheers to Brittany & Mark!


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