MIA: Planning a Wedding

Sorry I haven’t posted in a whole week! My life has kind of been a whirlwind right now.

ON Monday, Sept. 17th…..my Brother In Law and his Fiance told us they were getting married a year earlier! Meaning Oct. 5th…2012.

I was in shock, excited, stressed, and then just started planning! Even though she only had 3 weeks to plan her wedding, I still wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. I got started on crafts and organizing the troops! I will post pictures after the wedding of all of the fabulous details, the Bride gets to see everything first DUH:) This also makes me want to be a wedding planner full-time. I guess I can dream:)

Anywho, this just stresses me the most with our marathon training. My husband and I now must be more dedicated than ever and HAVE to get all of our runs in. We ran 11 miles over the weekend, and it went okay. My hips were more sore than usual, but I got over it.

Last week, I also went to my first RCIA class! It was welcoming and interesting. I will be doing weekly posts about those experiences. Our first real class is tomorrow night:)


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