Purple, Plum or Lapis?

The Bride to Be asked us all to wear purple. I LOVE this idea. The pictures simply look better.

So I went on a search all over Savannah last Friday, and found nothing! I started to freak so I ordered 3 dresses from the awesome David’s Bridal sale that is currently going on. They are in the price range of $29.99-$49.99, but come in so many different shades of purple. UGH. So here are the 3 that I ordered, and currently, NONE have come in yet.

Option #1: Strapless Chiffon Draped Dress Style 84937

The Lapis Dress

The Lapis Dress


Option #2: One Shoulder Taffeta Dress with Beaded Neckline

The Purple Dress


Option #3: Sleeveless Charmuese Dress with Origami Detail


The Plum Dress

Which one do you like best?

2 thoughts on “Purple, Plum or Lapis?

  1. I like #3 the best! I was at David’s Bridal this weekend! You should see if there are any dresses in stock here that I can get for you…

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