2nd Anniversary Trip: A Weekend in Boston

When we decided on a cruise up through New England and Canada, we knew right away we wanted to spend some extra time in Boston. I have only been once a few years ago with some college friends, and my husband says he went when he was younger, but really doesn’t remember anything. And he is a history buff, so I knew the Freedom Trail would be perfect for him!

We arrived in Boston Friday night, and we checked into our beautiful hotel, The Omni Parker House Hotel. It is the home of the Boston Creme Pie:) ……. But we didn’t have any:(

The Lobby


The rooms were small, but it is also a super old hotel. It was right near the subway station, and was at the beginning of the Freedom Trail, so it was perfect!

We quickly dropped our luggage off, and then went to meet up with an old college friend a few blocks away at Max & Dylan’s.

Jenn and I used to be roommates, and we were in the same sorority in college. She now works with social media for a fantastic hotel in Boston! What a cool job! Anywho, she said this restaurant was known for its lobster mac and cheese…..so of course I ordered the hot dog mac and cheese. It was delicious!

We called it a night! We planned on waking up early Saturday morning to go running, but sadly that did not happen when we woke up and it was raining and super cold!!!

Saturday, was devoted to the Freedom Trail! It was only about 3 miles, but we knew it would take a few hours going in all of the different museums and shops! And maybe a few tasty treats along the way! Here are some highlights:

My husband walking on the Freedom Trail:

I enjoyed the Old North Church:

Back in the good ole’ days, you could purchase your own pew box for your family. You could also decorate it in any fashion you would like!


When we passed the Italian district of Boston, we saw a bakery that was screaming our name! Mike’s Pastry!

It was funny seeing all of the tourists with the same box!

Of course, we needed a pic with Lobster hats!

We ended up at a pub, that should very well be on the Freedom Trail! The Bell in Hand has some really cool history, and is the oldest tavern in the US.



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