Lindsey & Ryan

I have known Lindsey since the 4th grade. Her father was in the Air Force and she had just moved to the area. Her little sister and my little sister became best friends, so duh, we instantly clicked.

Ryan and I met in middle school youth group I believe. We had the same last name, so we started telling people we were brother and sister! He is such a funny and smart guy! Sort of similar to Linds:)

We both love our Lindsey!

As soon as they met, I knew it was special! And 7 years later, they are hitched!

They had a beautiful wedding in St. Pete Beach at the Don Cesar in late September!

The got married at Sunset, so I can’t wait to see what the pictures look like!

The very happy couple:)

Instead of cake, they had a dessert table!

We were so happy to be at this beautiful wedding!


2 thoughts on “Lindsey & Ryan

  1. I remember the exact day Whitney told me she was leaving our school! I cried and the teacher let me skip lunch and stay in the classroom.

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