Surprise wedding! Gina & Addison

So….on Sept. 17th, Gina (my future sister in law), told me they wanted to get married on Oct. 5th. OF 2012. I was a little shocked, but it was right up in their ally! They wanted to get married in Orlando, Florida, basically because they love that city and that is where they met at the University of Central Florida. She said it was not going to be big, just a small ceremony and dinner reception. Well I was not going to let that happen! I immediately started stalking her Pinterest account, and asked her if I were to do these crafts and such, would she want them. She said YES! So I immediately started crafting away!

Here are some little touches for their special day:

Sunglasses for the guests! It was a noon wedding.

Trail Mix Bar for the Favors

Polaroid Foto Booth

Wedding Cake

For a wedding planned in about 3 weeks, I think we did a great job pulling it off! Will add another post with pictures from the beautiful day!

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