Trisha & John

Trisha is an engineer. So she is smart! And super pretty, and funny, and competitive:) When we were younger we used to always have to play on the same team or we would get too competitive! Guess we have grown up a bit, huh?

She moved to texas after college and met the man of her dreams, John! As soon as I met John, I knew they were soul mates! Her dad put it perfect at the wedding reception, “We all knew when Trisha met her soul mate she would fall hard, and fast.” And yep, 2 years later they are happily married!!!! Their wedding was personable and perfect for them!

It was held in St. Pete, directly on the beach. Perfect weather, except for a little bit of wind. NBD.

Perfect backdrop!

Her sister, so happy for the Bride!

Ceremony Programs, created by Sprinkles Design

Yummy cake!

Seashell Place cards

Cheers to the happiest couple around:)

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