2013 Resolutions

The title it a little misleading. I would rather create lifestyle habits, or simply set goals. My goal for 2012, was to have a “me” year. To simply not say yes to things, because I felt bad for someone, or because they really wanted me to do it. I stayed in on nights when I did not want to go out, I spent holidays how I wanted to spend them, I traveled when I wanted to. I also began training for a marathon, which has restricted my activities and alcohol intake, and I was completely okay with it! So 2012, being a “me” year was a success!

Last run of 2012! 12 miles!

Last run of 2012! 12 miles!

So for 2013, it will be an “us” year for me and my husband. We will spend the year deepening our relationship, working on having a healthier lifestyle,(of course, maybe a little less running) and traveling!

new year

What are your 2013 goals and resolutions?

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