Another reason why my Mom is better than Yours:)

My mom sent me these in the mail this week:


My parents joined WeightWatchers a few weeks ago. My mom has had great success with WW in the past, but this is a first for my dad! They figured since they are getting 2 of everything, they can give me my own copy! I went to a few different meetings near my home last summer, but the leaders weren’t too great, and the meeting times did not work with my schedule. It just wasn’t worth the monthly fee:(  So here is Plan B: I weigh myself each Sunday, and call my mom who keeps track of it. And then I use their online account for great recipes! Win-Win situation for all of us:)

We have been doing the weigh-ins for 2 weeks now, and so far so good!! I am focused on becoming healthier, as well as getting in better shape. Not so worried about the lbs, but more focused on the pant size.

Any advice or yummy healthy recipes out there?

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