Here we GO!

And it  begins again! I am so excited to be training for a half marathon and not a full! The full was great, and a once in a lifetime event. BUT training for a half is more my style. I am also using a new training plan, all thanks to Nike. I really hope I can stick to it with my work schedule and the weather being so cold! This is what is coming this week:


Easy enough, right? I am also starting to think I need new shoes:( My feet start to hurt around mile 8, consistently. I keep hoping my feet will toughen up and get stronger, but it hasn’t happened yet. I just bought them in August, and I should be good until after this half, according to the mileage.

I meant to take pictures of all of the yummy food yesterday, but I totally forgot and then fell into a deep food coma. UGH it is so good the first few bites, and then its instant regret!

Anyone else experience instant food regret?

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