Virtual 5k…..What?!?!

So I ran a 5k Monday evening, and posted a picture on Facebook. Well many people were confused, and interested in what a Virtual 5k is.

A virtual race is where you sign up for a race of any distance, and then complete the distance on your own watch. Usually you donate straight to a charity, sometimes you donate through PayPal and then the Race Coordinator will donate a portion of the proceeds. You also submit your time, **Scout’s Honor**, and then the Race Coordinator will either pick overall winners, or age group winners.

For the race I participated in, it was suggested to complete the distance in March….because the race was called “Mad March on Cancer”. However, it was cold and rainy in my area for the last few weeks, and I just did not have it in me. After I registered for it, I received the medal in about 2 weeks! I didn’t even open it because I wanted to treat it like a normal 5k.

The weather was perfect when I left work, so I knew I had to take advantage of it. And I was promptly out the door at 6:23pm. I forgot to charge my watch so I was running alone. Which oddly, I am getting more and more used to it!

It was so beautiful! I earned that medal, and was very excited for it!


There are a ton of virtual races, and some as long as marathons. I personally would stick to the 5k or 10k distance, but knock yourself out! We live in a such a weird place, that there really isn’t a running scene. So to save money, yet still have a motivator and fun way to exercise, I plan on participating in a few 5k’s this spring:)


Have you ever participated in a virtual race?

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