My passion…..

Everyone has a passion……some are lucky to find it early in life and some are not so lucky.

In 3rd grade, I found my passion. Well at least my mom did. I wanted to plan a Christmas Party for some of my girlfriends. Instead of the usual gift exchange, I went deeper and way more organized. I had activities and crafts planned, and I had an invite list and a shopping list. I decorated and had everything ready to go.

Fast forward to my high school years, I organized various events from carnivals, to relay for life, to church youth group fundraisers, to our senior year prom.

I know what I am good at and what I enjoy.

My favorite types of events? Weddings, celebrations, happy life moments.

I have worked many community events and really enjoy those. Not truly a fan of the corporate event world, but don’t have enough experience to talk about it.

Why am I posting these random posts? I am wondering if I should be planning events on the weekends? I could use the extra money to go towards student loans and I ENJOY planning these events. I love making a bride and groom relaxed and stress-free. BUT am I ready to add something else to my plate? My evening commitments are stopping pretty soon, and my weekends are free unless I am traveling, for fun!

Thoughts on moving forward: What has always stopped me in the past from making this a legit business is coming up with a name. In college, I made a business plan with a fellow event planner friend called “Ginger Events.” We were both redheads, so it was just a quirky name. Won’t be using the name, but will definitely use the business plan! The only name I can come up with now is Seersucker Events. Yea, I know that is kind of the name of this blog, but I am really growing on the whole meaning of seersucker fabric.

So I need your help! Do you like that name? Is it corny? Is it too southern? Have a better idea?

3 thoughts on “My passion…..

  1. I think this would be a great venture for you. What about Denali Events? Think big! (And yes, today is a clear day and I can see Denali from my school.) Whatever name you go with, I’m sure you will be a success. 🙂

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