2013 Nike Women Half Marathon DC Expo & Packet Pick-Up

This race expo for the Nike Women Half Marathon was completely different from anything I had ever been to……even though I have only attended 5 long distance races:)

The expo and packet pick-up was located in Georgetown, conveniently next to their Nike Georgetown store:) Gotta love a little product placement right there!

It was only about a 15 minute walk to the location from the metro station, so not bad at all. And it was a beautiful day out. My husband and I arrived around 10:30am on Friday morning, and were greeted with NO lines. The volunteers were great, knowledgable and friendly! They were glad to help.


Since packet pick-up flew by, we went straight to the expo! Found a few more crowds, however not crazy busy! When we first walked in we were greeted with a social media wall. VERY cool to see everyone posting pics from their instagram and twitter accounts.


They had a Nunn Tasting Bar. Which is great for indecisive people like me. I hate buying a flavor without tasting it first. My favorite was the fruit punch flavor.


They also were handing out Luna Bars. I liked the Chocolate Peanut Butter.


And then it turned into a salon! There were make-unders and hair stylists there to help with every need. They also had dressing rooms to be fitted with the perfect sports bra.

Bare Essentials: Go Bare

Bare Essentials: Go Bare

Paul Mitchel Salon

Paul Mitchell ExpressStyle

A few other pictures to wrap up the expo post:




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