A year….

It has been a year since my grandmother has passed. I didn’t remember this morning, until my mom called me, but thank goodness I was super busy and did not have time to think about it. When I was driving home, I started reliving last summer, and it felt like no time had passed at all. I then cried the entire drive home(I hate that I am the emotional Vance….I am just going to blame it on being the middle child, right Aunt Pam?) I am not sure why this death hit me the hardest, maybe because it was the first one with me being 2 states away, or maybe it’s because it was the first unexpected death I had ever dealt with (she had gone hiking 2 months earlier…not in good health but could keep up with my dad, and had elective heart surgery where it all went downhill).

At my wedding! Where she danced the night away.

At my wedding! Where she danced the night away.

Growing up I had 2 sets of grandparents and 2 great grandmothers. I was lucky to have them involved in my life and all of our various activities. When my grandfather passed 5 years ago, I knew I instantly took it for granted. I am so blessed to have a huge extended family, and am sure it shaped me to be the person I am today.


Looking over the past year, she missed many happy moments in our family. I know she was along for the ride, but we still missed her presence. I mean I am pretty sure I had an hour long convo with her starting at mile 18 of my marathon!


And when I became Catholic. She was catholic, and it was always a fun debate between my dad and her. Well, Grandma I took your side:)

Grandma, is that blurriness you???

Grandma, is that blurriness you???

And she was there when we had the reveal that there was going to be another Girl in the Vance Family:)


And she has been there from the beginning when my cousin, Chelsea, fell in love with her now FIANCE!!!!!


Wherever you are, I hope you are watching over all of us, and pray for us while we spend a week in a cabin together next week:) AND of course, you better be owning the dance floor!




3 thoughts on “A year….

  1. She was on my mind all day today. Can’t believe it has been a whole year. Can’t believe it has been only a year. God bless you all. June

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