Love Letter to my Social Life

Dear Social Life,

I know I have been terrible at this relationship. I have been missing events with co-workers, book club meetings, events with my husbands friends, etc. BUT the truth is, I am excited about how my life is turning out. I am excited to finally make living healthy, a TOP priority. I am sorry if you do not understand, but I hope you know that this is something I have to do for myself. I am constantly helping people at work with THEIR job responsibilities, and helping family members with THEIR needs. AND living healthy is for ME, my husband, and OUR future family. So please, try to understand, for me:)

I am so happy that our nightly routine has turned into the following schedule:

6:20pm: Get home from work

6:30pm: Changed, and ready to begin workout (Insanity)

7:30pm: Shower

7:45pm: Make and eat dinner

8:15pm: Catch up on Beachbody To-Do’s, check in with my awesome challengers, check work email(yes, I need to stop this)!

9:15pm: In bed!

Yes, I still love having a social life, but it works best if we only see each other on the weekends. I am a happier person, and am okay if you still don’t quite “get it”. I am not saying I will be like this forever, however I don’t see myself cheating on my healthy lifestyle anytime soon. I think we could make an awesome threesome, if you know what I mean.


Social Life + Healthy Living + The Faubion’s =

True Happiness


PS: I will catch up on the blog this weekend! So many exciting things to tell you about:)



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