90 Day Beachbody Challenge Group

Yesterday, I began a 90 Day Challenge Group with some friends of mine, as well as some complete strangers!

What is a challenge group? It is a group of like-minded individuals who are ready to take their health to the next level. We have a group Facebook page with daily coaching, and support, but most of all accountability. You must purchase a challenge pack, which usually includes a month supply of Shakeology.

So far it has been great! Such an eye opening experience of all of the work that goes into keeping a group of people motivated. Bianca, our head coach has all of the daily tips and postings ready to go, and we make it happen! The challengers are supposed to check in each day through the Facebook group, however I am finding its a little bit harder for those not in our generation:)

I have 3 challengers I am responsible for coaching, and maybe a few more in the coming days:) I am excited to see where we are in 90 days! My personal plan is to follow a workout plan and drink Shakeology every day. I also plan to eat as completely clean as possible, with the exception of celebrations and our anniversary cruise. I also will be cutting down on sugary drinks and alcohol:) I have cut back on my drinking for no reason at all these last few months, and I am sure that will be no problem.

I am on Day #2 now, and doing well! So excited to be in the last week of Insanity, and then T25 will be beginning on Monday the 26th!

I will give you updates, and possibly might even make my before and after picture public. WHAT?!?!?

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