Why I love Beachbody

I wanted to gather my thoughts and think about  why I love Beachbody so much. I have never fallen in love with a company so FAST, and more importantly, IT IS NOT EASY. Just ask my friends who come and visit, and I make them workout with me:)


So here goes! My TOP reasons why I love this company.

1. I pay one price for a workout program, and it is all mine! I can use it all I want. For the rest of my life, or until DVD players go out of style. NO more gym memberships. Which really works for my husband and I, because we do not live near ANY gyms and when we have worked for 12 hours a day, we simply do not want to get back in the car and drive to a gym.

2. I can wear whatever I want (because I am in my own house). I LOVE the fact that I get to workout in my sports bra, and don’t have to dirty a t-shirt. I am not confident enough, YET, to workout in public in just a sports bra. BUT I will get there soon, I still may never do it, but at least I will be confident enough!

3. The program comes with their own schedule. SO no worrying about planning your workout for the day. It also has built-in rest days, which are great because it forces you to take a day and relax.

4. I LOVE Shaun T. I also love Tania, his right hand gal. They have been friends for ages, and its awesome to see them interact throughout the workout.


5. They have some IN SHAPE people who do the workouts with you, and it makes me feel so good when they have to take a water break. It makes me realize we are all human, and have to listen to our bodies.


6. The timer on the bottom of the TV screen for each exercise. It allows me to know EXACTLY how long I have left, why? So I know I can push myself since you usually only do the exercise for a minute or 45 seconds at a time.


7. The community is HUGE for me. My coach, is also a friend of mine. We worked together a few years ago, and reconnected when I saw the progress she was having. I knew we had similar likes and dislikes and also knew she wouldn’t lie to me about a product she truly believed in. The support doesn’t stop there, I am in a few Facebook groups, with completely different purposes. One is a Team page simply for all of the coaches under one umbrella. This is where I can go to ask simple questions about a workout program or get advice on anything! Another one is the 90 Day Challenge Group. We have about 16 people who are working their butts off to make a big change in these next 90 days. There are a lot of educational tips and posts, but also a lot of support amongst the group. The third, is a New Coach Camp Facebook page, where the veteran coaches are sharing their tips and advice with us! How great is that? They are giving us their top secrets to becoming a better coach and person. The support is everywhere!


8. Social Media. This is a big one. I am the kind of person where I need the support from others. And what better way, than to hashtag something and to get random inspiring people to like your picture or post? I have “met” many fit and healthy people through instagram, and I love seeing what workout programs they are doing, or their favorite shakeology recipe. Beachbody people are the most supportive group of fitness junkies I have met.

9. I get to INSPIRE others. I have reconnected with many people who have seen me post an achievement on social media, or have seen me in public and commented on how happy and great I look. But what I tell them right away, is that I FEEL happy. There is no greater feeling than motivating your family and friends. (I mean, my parents are participating in a Beachbody workout and have actually been keeping up with it!!!!!)

10. SHAKEOLOGY! Need I say more? Finally something easy, fast and delicious that I can drink once a day! I am having fun with the recipes, but will start sharing them soon! MY dad emailed me on Sunday, and said he just had a vanilla peanut butter shake, and it was the best protein/healthy shake he has ever had, and has tried over 20 brands in his lifetime. Now if that doesn’t make me smile, I am not sure what will:)


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