Avery Michelle

My sister found out her baby was breached a few weeks ago. She tried walking a bunch to turn the baby, but she was definitely being stubborn! We knew that if she had not gone into labor yet, she was having the baby on Nov. 19th! It worked out well for me and my little sister, because we got to guarantee that we would be there. This was a huge deal for my family, and we all wanted to be there to celebrate it. Unfortunately my husband was the only immediate family member who wasn’t able to be there….he was working in Minnesota?? lol.

Anywho, Tuesday morning we were all up and ready to leave the house by 6:30am! We wanted to be there before Michelle got called back for pre-op, and I think she enjoyed seeing us:) I am sure we took Josh’s mind off of the procedure. We hung out until around 9:45am when Josh was called to join Michelle, and that he could bring someone to also come! Before he could get off the phone I practically jumped up! I was at a wedding the weekend before, so unfortunately was not able to hang out with my sister that much before her life was forever changed, so my little sister and mom allowed me to go….Thanks Mom and Heather:)

Came to the hospital as a Family of 2, leaving as a family of 3:)

Came to the hospital as a Family of 2, leaving as a family of 3:)

Michelle was a champ! She wasn’t nervous, and was being very patient. Her surgery time was 9:30am, however we were now going on an hour of Michelle getting lots of fluids and just waiting. She had to use the restroom about 5 times:) And I may or may not have stepped on her IV helping her get up. She finally was brought to the OR around 10:25am, and Josh was instructed to go to the Daddy’s Changing Room to get into scrubs. I said my goodbyes and went to join the family in the waiting room. We loved the hospital she was in. There was a TV in the waiting room with a secret patient number that told us exactly which stage she was in….Pre-op, OR in, OR out, Recovery 1, Recovery 2, etc. So efficient! (They also do all of the paperwork for the Birth Certificate and SS card for you…..so you leave with the Birth Certificate and will get the SS card in the mail.) Maybe I will be at Disney and go into labor so I can have my child born in Florida….lol.

From 10:25am until 11:08am we were silent! We were nervous for Michelle, excited for the new parents, anxious for the baby, wondering what color hair, etc. We were trying to stay calm, but everyone around us knew we were there for a baby! I mean just look at our shirts:

Great Sisters Get Promoted to Aunts

Great Sisters Get Promoted to Aunts

Around 11:08am, we got our first picture from Josh! It was a picture of Michelle still on the operating table holding the baby and the words “7 3”. We took that as 7lbs 3oz:)  She was glowing! I can’t even put into words what was going through all of our heads. We were crying and silent, just taking it all in.

Our first picture with Avery!

Our first picture with Avery!

From there the pictures started coming in! We were so grateful to Josh that he included us in their big day. He was a trooper with all of us, and allowed us in their special moments. (Yes, sometimes my side of the family can be crazy….that’s what you get with 3 close sisters….and a mom who is practically the 4th sister). We got this other pic with the caption, “red hair”. We were so excited! It just looked like my sister and I!!

Look at all of that red hair!!! And the pale skin....poor kid:)

Look at all of that red hair!!! And the pale skin….poor kid:)

Once Michelle was in Recovery(thanks to the handy tv), we relaxed a little bit. Josh told us she was breastfeeding and we knew they were both feeling good. We sent out the text messages to family and friends and made sure to make the calls to the great grandparents. Her final stats: Born 10:58am weighing 7lbs 3oz and was 21.25 inches long.

Once we could breathe, we decided we were all hungry since he hadn’t eaten breakfast! So we rushed to the hospital cafeteria to eat a quick lunch….we had to be ready in case they wanted visitors. (Another positive for the hospital….Panda Express for lunch, what?!?) Around 1:30ish Josh told us we could come back! They wanted time as parents to bond and for skin to skin time….and we of course agreed and supported it! I( plan on doing the same as well. Such a smart idea…but we were all eager to get our hands on her. (Sidenote: When my Aunt Pam had her babies 15 years ago, we would always fight over who got to hold them, and feed them etc. We love babies, and have all had baby fever since we were young…probably thanks to my mom! We all wanted to be wedding planners and teachers when we grew up, but we all knew being a mom would be our most important job!)

As soon as we walked in and washed our hands, my mom grabbed her granddaughter! Pure Joy! I can’t even tell you the love in that room.

3 Generations!

3 Generations!

My little sister was next in line….only fitting since I got to hang out with Michelle in pre-op:) Heather’s eyes lit up! She was so excited and could not stop staring at her. I finally was next….(my Dad was a gentleman and patiently waited until we all were done before he got to hold her, he is kind of used to it). I could not even control myself. She opened her eyes, and just started staring at me. She looks like my sister and I when we were younger….

This was me:) Look how much my sister looks like my Mom!

This was me:) Look how much my sister looks like my Mom!

I asked a few people and many of them said their kids looks like their siblings! So fun! Thankful I have cute sisters, and Collier’s brothers are handsome!

Back to Avery:)

Avery, Meet Aunt Ashley!

Avery, Meet Aunt Ashley!

We took our first Ginger Picture:)

I wonder if my redheaded aunts ever took pictures with me and my sister:) lol I looked like my Aunt Christy and Aunt Mindy when I was younger...actually still look like them in certain pictures or when I do my hair a certain way.

I wonder if my redheaded aunts ever took pictures with me and my sister:) lol I looked like my Aunt Christy and Aunt Mindy when I was younger…actually still look like them in certain pictures or when I do my hair a certain way.

We spent a few hours just enjoying the day, and watching my sister breastfeed like a pro! We then went to dinner and let Josh’s family ooh and ahh over the baby. They are the calm side:) And they are pros, tons of grandbabies. So hopefully they didn’t think we were that crazy! We came back to hang out with them before it was time to leave for the night. We spent the next few days helping the new mom and dad around the house and with grocery shopping. (My little sister and I both had to work from home, which we were completely fine with and thankful our bosses knew how much it meant to us. So we spent a few hours each day making calls and returning emails. Let me tell you, working a job and watching a baby is no joke!) We even watched the baby while they slept! I think my sister and brother in law enjoyed us being there…..lol Not sure who else would have given my sister a shower:) But I realized how true it is that a village raised a child. We all took jobs, and made sure the laundry was going, groceries were being prepped, boobs were being taken care of, pictures were being taken, etc. I enjoyed every moment of it, and would do it again! However, I was worn out for sure.

She started getting a little fussy so we hung out in the driveway...lol

She started getting a little fussy so we hung out in the driveway…lol


I hope to do this with my kids and other nieces and nephews one day, to remember how special each one of them are:)


To my beautiful niece Avery,

You showed me what it meant to instantly fall in love with someone. You showed me how significant the miracle of life is, and the effect it has on an already very close family. You made your Aunt Heather and I aunts for the very first time, and for that we are very grateful. More importantly you made your Grandma and Grandpa Vance, grandparents for the first time(even though by the time you read this I bet my mom has a different nickname). When we found out your mom was pregnant, we were overjoyed and anxious. We knew you were going to be special, but we had no idea how much. The first time I held you after only being in the world for a few hours, I knew you were meant to be in our lives(besides the pale skin and red hair). I knew you were going to grow up to be a wonderful human being, but more importantly I knew you were going to grow up with so many people who love you, support you, challenge you(yes, we do challenge each other), laugh with you, cry with you, and lean on you. On the day you were born the world stopped so peacefully and all of our priorities instantly shifted. We knew what was important. We knew we now had the task of building you up to be a beautiful successful woman. I cannot wait to see how you turn out! Hopefully with your mom’s laid back personality, dad’s cooking skills(he makes the most amazing desserts!) and my hair:) And I guess your athletic ability/work ethic/money sense can come from your Aunt Heather:) Maybe Grandpa’s humor and Grandma’s loving heart. Hopefully Uncle Collier’s kindheartedness and outlook on people will allow you to view the world with an open heart and see the good in your neighbors. As you grow, remember we are all here for you. Your mom, Aunt Heather and I were blessed with 4 amazing Aunts. They were involved in our little moments, (Friday night halftime shows, Church plays, camping in the backyard, took me to my first Nsync concert…if you don’t know who that is, I have failed!) and for the big moments (weddings, your birth, graduations, etc). Aunt Heather and I hope we can do the same in your life….(even though we live out-of-state at the moment)and hopefully we will always be considered cool to you:) We all love you with our whole heart, and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Love, Your Aunt Lalee/Ashley/whatever you decide to call me

Only Aunts can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.
Only Aunts can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.

Remember, Smile you’re special! Your Great Grandma Briant came up with that:)


5 thoughts on “Avery Michelle

  1. Ashley,
    That was so sweet and Avery will love reading it one day. I’m so proud of all of you! I’m so glad I’m the Mom and now the Grandma! You made me cry. I love you all.
    Love, Mom

  2. That is very thoughtful and sweet Aunt Ashley. I’ll start writing mine now for your children. You might need to proof it for me like old times.

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