Krypto, Our Superdog

We have had an eventful few days. We traveled all over Florida to see family, and visit with my baby niece. I wanted to write what we are going through, simply for my own thought process.

Starting about 2 weeks ago, our dog Krypto, started to lose his appetite. We were able to get him to eat chicken and pork, so we called our vet and they said it could be stress from the traveling. When we were in Tampa, he started to have an eye problem. His eye simply closed. So we took him to the ER vet and they did an eye exam. Figured out it was not a scratch, so the vet figured it was an allergic reaction. They gave us a gel for his eye and we went on our way. We went to Colliers parents and were really hoping he would eat their family dogs food. It’s more fatty so it is definitely a treat for Krypto. He never passes it without trying a bit, so we figured this will be a sign. Well he ate a little bit one morning but that was it. We were able to give him pork and he enjoyed that. Christmas Eve morning we packed up and headed home. About  an hour into the drive I was super sick. My head felt like it was about to explode, and every bone in my body ached. I just assumed I was getting the flu or something. (Looking back, I think it was a sign to really focus on Krypto). So we cuddled in the back seat while Collier drove the whole way to SC.


We woke up Christmas morning and we had planned to go volunteer at a church, however not sure if I was getting the flu I really didn’t know if I should be around people serving food. So we called and cancelled(which made us feel really bad). So we went back to sleep. Krypto woke us up throwing up which ended up just being water, but still started us worrying again. We opened up gifts and tried to pretend I was feeling okay and Krypto was fine. It was the saddest Christmas Eve I ever had.

We spent the rest of the day napping and trying to get Krypto to eat anything possible. We tried chicken, bread, rice, pretzels and peanut butter. When he didn’t even walk up to the full jar of peanut butter I knew something was wrong. I went into freak out mode. We called our vet and every other vet in the area. Fun tidbit for you, vets have an emergency answering service, but they all use the same 24 hour vet in Savannah. Even our vet just told us no doctor was available, and to call the Savannah Hospital. So when we call the ER hospital, they said we should bring him in and get him checked out.

We we got dressed in 2 minutes and were out the door. We had no idea what was about to come so we didn’t bring a blanket with us (Krypto sleeps with his own blankets). When we got there they were a little stressed. I guess it was a busy day for them, and they had just had patient after patient. We explained everything that had happened and we told them we wanted blood work. We had been to 3 vets, it was time for some answers. They did the blood work and we waited for about 15 minutes.


When the doctor came back in, I think I stopped listening. I don’t remember everything except that he had low liver enzyme levels and had to stay overnight. Krypto would need to meet with the Internal Medicine doctor the next morning and he was too critical to go home with us. I lost it. Thank God for Collier.

We had a soccer stuffed ball in our truck from my parents that we gave him to sleep with. We then went to CVS to get me some medicine, and Collier started the calls to family to let them know. Krypto is loved by so many. We knew it was one of 2 things….either he got into some type of poison or it was cancer. We spent the next few hours thinking about which outcome would be better. I slept about 2 hours and Collier slept a little more. We woke up crying multiple times. Simply because when you are the type of people who buy a king sized bed so your dog can sleep with you, or build a fence the day you move into a house, your dog is your child. Krypto made us a family. He was there when I didn’t have a job….both times….he was there when we got engaged and married, moved to a new city. He means the world to us.

Anywho, we got the call from the Internal Medicine doctor that he examined Krypto and he needed samples to send to Tufts University to see if it’s cancer. We agreed to come visit and meet with him. We headed up there and got a good hour to play with Krypto. It mainly consisted of us cuddling with him on the ground. He was drugged up and still not feeling good. We could tell he hadn’t slept simply because he was falling asleep every chance he got.

We left and came back home so they could take the samples. I tried to take a nap but just couldn’t. We hadn’t been eating and I knew the house needed to be cleaned. My sister had to leave Tampa to go back to Charleston to work one shift, so my Dad offered to drive my mom up to help even though it would only be 24 hours. We definitely said yes. We needed someone to take are our mind off of things and help our mess of a house.

We went back to visit at 3pm and he was better. Still not 100% at all, but he was better. Still not eating. We stayed for an hour and then left so he could get more meds. Another night without him.

We slept a little better, not sure if it was hope or what. We woke up and got the idea to take down all of he Christmas stuff. We figured with my mom to help, it would be way easier. And it would help us focus on Krypto as much as possible when he did come home.  We got the call that the Oncologist had looked at the samples and it indeed was cancer. We decided to go up around 2pm to get worked in to see the doctor. We got to see Krypto as soon as we got there, and he looked so much better! He was definitely feeling better. We saw the doctor around 4:30, and he gave us the info on Lymphoma which is what he had. He said it is usually an hour and a half conversation, but he wanted to try and get a chemo session started to maybe kick start him into remission. We said  go ahead. After the injection, we loaded him up and brought our baby home. He still wasn’t eating, but they had hoped he would when he got home.


As soon as we got home, he ate some chicken and drank some water. Took his meds normally and claimed his spot on the couch.

This is our new normal. We will give him pills at every meal. We will take him to chemo once a week. And we will cherish every moment. We said goodbye to our trip to Europe, Hawaii and Alaska, Collier’s dream car, and paying off our house super fast. And you know what? We could care less. We both said we would sell everything and move in with our parents to have Krypto in our lives just a little longer.

Pretty sure this post was selfishly for me. Writing gives me a chance to get it all out of my system.

4 thoughts on “Krypto, Our Superdog

  1. I love you all and Krypto is one special dog! He is a part of us all. We’re here for you and will do whatever you need. I love my “tiptoe”
    Everyone who meets Krypto, loves him!

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