Update on My Life

So yea….about that. I am terrible at updating this blog. I just have been focusing on enjoying moments with my little family, and quite honestly it is turning into a fulltime job.

I try to work from the close campus as much as possible, so I can run home during lunch to let Krypto out. That has been the one side effect of this chemo, he can’t hold his bladder as well as he used to. (He use to be able to hold it for 11 hours if he needed to). So with running home during my lunch, my lunch hour is gone!

A few updates on my life:

My husband got a new job. Same company, but completely new and exciting position! He will be able to travel more, which is going to be awesome, especially since I can meet him wherever he is for a vacay:)

I just finished a 21 day challenge group, and the results were amazing! My challengers lost weight, became healthier, but most importantly HAPPIER. Great success!

There has been a lot of sadness around us lately. And we are starting to really accept the fact that cancer sucks. I wish we could do more, my husband and I actually think about it often. Too much emphasis is on breast cancer, now that there are ways to be proactive with that cancer, I wish the emphasis was on other types. Not sure where I am going with this, just wish there were more funds to find the cure. (I have no clue or educational background on this statement, just me randomly making a comment).

With my husbands new job, for the first time in our relationship we are on the same sleeping schedule! Yesterday was day 1, and it was so much fun. Hopefully it stays being fun for the next few years:)

My niece is growing!! she is the cutest thing. My sister and brother in law were just in their good friends wedding…..seriously, my sister looks good for a 3 month old baby!!! She has completely taken out dairy and soy from her diet, Avery is allergic. Its a challenge when they eat out, but clearly she is being a champion at it!

Sorry their heads are cut off, but her smile is perfect!

Sorry their heads are cut off, but her smile is perfect!

I will try and be better about posting…..:)




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