I felt compelled this weekend to catch up on this blog. As my little sister pointed out, I have had some major events happen over the last few months!

Mainly this:

Little Vance is Engaged!

Little Vance is Engaged!


Heather and Zach got engaged in Mackinac Island, Michigan in June. They are busy enjoying being engaged, but I have a feeling a date and venue will be picked in the next few months and then my favorite part of spoiling the bride will be in full effect. I already have a secret Pinterest board ready to go! I am again thankful Pinterest wasn’t around when I was getting married:)

Avery also had her baptism:

So happy Collier and I were able to be there.

So happy Collier and I were able to be there.


Krypto Finished his Chemotherapy, and he was a superdog throughout the whole process.




My side of the family went to Disney! It was Avery’s 1st trip, so of course that was magical. Collier and my Dad had to work.




I finally attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. and got to visit these two lovebirds. Gina and Addison actually moved in June to LA to pursue their dreams:)




Krypto turned 5!!!10513295_10103176288040152_2894407372239849169_n

My Leadership HHI-Bluffton Class of 2014 came to an end. We opened two Pro-Wellness Fitness trails in our communities.


Leadership HHI-Bluffton Class of 2014

Leadership HHI-Bluffton Class of 2014


I attended a work conference in Chicago and faced my fear of heights with my little Morgan!



Collier was a groomsmen in a high school friend’s wedding, who happened to get married on campus at Notre Dame. Beautiful wedding!



We went on a week long cruise with some amazing friends!




I might try and expand on some of these happy moments in the next few weeks, but for now that is all I can think of!

Until next time:)




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