Baby Valentine!

So let me just continue with our story…..

2/22/16: Collier came back from Singapore….

2/26/16: We were headed to Highlands for a weekend getaway, as well as a chance to see Collier’s grandparents. I knew I will be drinking, and there will be a hot tub, so I take a pregnancy test. I go downstairs to watch TV. I have a work event that night so I staggered my hours. After watching TV and catching up on emails for 2 hours I go back upstairs and start to get dressed. Freak-out at the results by laughing and crying and being in full disbelief. I immediately call my RE’s office and they have me come in for blood work. I drive to Savannah….and by the time I am driving back home over the Savannah Bridge they have the results. I am pregnant. Call my chiropractor, because I wanted to share the good news but she was on vacation! lol

Kind of went overboard....

Kind of went overboard…. 3 weeks 4 days pregnant

When Collier comes home we have dinner and I tell him I had a Valentine’s Day gift I forgot to give him since he was in Singapore. It was a hanging sign that says: “Our nest is blessed” and has 3 little bird eggs. He just looks at it and then starts laughing and says no way. And responds with a million questions, saying I thought you said this month was a no go because of the dates, etc. It was a great surprise. We decide right then and there we want it to be kept a secret from everyone for as long as possible. We always knew we would know if we wanted to wait or if we wanted to tell people with our 3rd pregnancy and we did! I highly suggest keeping it a secret, its so amazing:)

Newly pregnant!

Newly pregnant!

I will do monthly recaps to catch up, but wanted to share our story! We feel truly blessed with the 3 pregnancies we have had and do not take anything for granted. I understand how my friends feel that are currently going through fertility issues, and I truly want to make sure I treat this pregnancy with respect, and not bombard everyone on facebook with silly pictures and pregnancy posts. Will probably only post details about this journey through the blog from now on. I hope everyone understands….Please pray for our healthy baby as well as the TTC community and for everyone to find peace and possibly a little baby dust a long the way:)


Our Nest is Blessed

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