Baby Valentine: Weeks 1-8

Finally feel comfortable with documenting this pregnancy, so here we go!
Baby Valentine at 6.5 Weeks!

Baby Valentine at 6.5 Weeks!

How far along:  Grouping Weeks 1-8 all together in one post!
Next appointment:  Had my first ultrasound on 3/16 with the RE at 6 weeks 3 days. Great heart rate and measuring great…a little ahead. Graduated me from their office back to my OBGYN. Had my 8 week ultrasound with my OBGYN and heart beat was 176 and again measuring ahead. Everything was perfect! Next appt. is 12 week appointment on 4/25.
Baby Valentine at 8 weeks!

Baby Valentine at 8 weeks!

Gender:  Husband thinks girl, I just want healthy!
Total weight gain/loss:  0
Exercise: My RE suggested I take it easy, so I stopped Piyo, and just went on walks.
Stretch marks: Nope!
Swelling: Nope
Maternity clothes:  Nope
Belly button:  In.
Happy or moody: HAPPY!!!! I have only had one freak-out and it was the night before our first ultrasound. I think we were both just anxious and freaked out. Other than that I am loving everything during this 3rd pregnancy. I do think I felt sadness during the end of these 2 months….my doctor pointed out I had been pregnant 3 times in 12 months. I think that was a hard thing to comprehend given the many close friends who are struggling to get that positive test. (I also still can’t believe I was pregnant 2 times while Michelle was pregnant with the twins….)
Sleep: I had one night of insomnia when we first found out. Pretty sure that was anxiety. Weeks 6-8 I was getting up to pee all of the time because of my HCG levels.
Food cravings:  Orange sherbet and buffalo chicken dip(gross). If anything I had no appetite for a few weeks after 4pm.
Symptoms:  My sense of smell is crazy. Can’t handle any strong smells, mainly the dog food. I only have thrown up a few times because of a bad smell.
Movement:  Nope… having had a natural miscarriage, I do have to say any pain in my stomach I immediately thought it was going to happen again. I cried a few times, because I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to feel that way….but it was:)
Labor signs: No…thankfully!
What I miss:  Talking to my mom about everything!
What I’m loving:  Even though I just said I miss talking to my mom about everything, I am enjoying my little secret with my husband.
What I’m looking forward to:  Sharing our good news with family! 1 more month:)
Told a white lie to a few friends while celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Savannah!

Told a white lie to a few friends while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah!

Best moment this week: Highlights were telling my workout buddy, my chiropractor and their whole office, but most of all finding out we would be gaining a new niece or nephew within a few weeks of our baby! We weren’t planning on telling anyone, but felt we needed to since we were a few weeks before them….not one Baby Faubion this fall, 2 Baby Faubon’s!!!
Purchases: We booked our doula! Going through this 2 times before we realized the important things to handle:) And Collier worked on our 529 for college savings.
Milestones:  I think hearing the heart beat so early was our biggest milestone. And then having our amazing ultrasound tech and everyone at the doctor’s office care so greatly about our baby is truly amazing.

Due Date: Halloween!!!!


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