Baby Valentine: Weeks 9-12

Second pregnancy update!!!

How far along: Weeks 9-12!!!

Next appointment:  May 23rd for our 16 week appt.

Gender: Still leaning towards girl, but now I am thinking God is going to surprise us with a boy!!! Will be a long 6 months before we know.

Total weight gain/loss:  gained 2lbs.

Exercise:  Started piyo again and just modified some of the moves….and walked a 10k through Disney.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Swelling: No

Maternity clothes:  Nope.

Belly button:  In.

Happy or moody: Still happy!!! Collier jokes that maybe I should be pregnant all the time if I am going to be in this good of a mood.

Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ except for the getting up to go to the bathroom.

Food cravings:   Not many cravings…

Symptoms:   Sense of smell, and fatigue in the afternoons.

Movement:  Nope.

Labor signs: No.

What I miss:   Having energy after work! I am dead tired after I get home, its hard to get anything done.

What I’m loving:   Being pregnant and everything going on. Just the thought of the miracle of life is making me excited and in awe of everything going on!


What I’m looking forward to:  Becoming a mom and holding my little one!

Best moment this week: Running a 10k…well really walking a 10k:) Collier walked it with me because I was really nervous, and it was so much fun! Route sort of was terrible, but I just enjoyed having that time to ourselves.


Purchases: I purchased a few steals in regards to maternity clothes. I also purchased 3 bins….since we won’t know the gender, I have one for a baby girl, baby boy and gender neutral! Oh and we had professional pictures taken to document our healthy baby! Candid Smiles Photography!


Milestones: Our 12 week appointment was great! I love my doctor….she just understands what I am going through and puts our mind at ease. We also got to hear our little baby’s heart beat…160! So in love.

_I9A2551 _I9A2545_I9A2569-2

Thanks Emily from Candid Smiles Photography for putting us at ease and helping us to celebrate!

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