Baby Valentine: Weeks 13-16

Loving being able to update this!


How far along: Weeks 13-16! 4 months! Wow….

Next appointment:  June 22nd….20 week Anatomy Scan! Praying for a healthy baby that hides its gender:)

Gender: No clue! Hubby still thinks girl.

Total weight gain/loss:  Lost 3 pounds.

Exercise:  Piyo and walking…hoping to start swimming when it gets a little warmer. (Yes, its still cold here! It was 83 Sunday afternoon and water was cold.)

Stretch marks: No.

Swelling: No.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I guess I popped at week 13! I thought maybe it was a little too early, but I am going to blame it on it being my 3rd pregnancy. 😉

Belly button: In.

Happy or moody: Happy!!! Not sure if I will have a moody phase during this pregnancy!

Sleep: Getting a little tougher. I am a stomach sleeper(even though my chiropractor has been trying to get me to change. I somehow still flip to my stomach). Well, around week 14 I had to stop sleeping on my stomach. It is just uncomfortable. My friend Brittney gave me her snoogle since she hardly used it and it has been great! I haven’t been getting up to pee at all, so that has been amazing!

Food cravings:   None. I am still in shock I hardly crave chocolate. Not really a fan of anything sweet, which is why I guess I haven’t gained any weight.

Symptoms:   I have had some afternoon sickness from 3pm-7pm starting week 15. I thought it was a stomach bug, but it is turning into a daily thing. I feel nauseous, throw up and feel fine. I am also getting a little touch of acid reflux, so staying away from caffeine, peppermint, tomatoes, etc.  But as you can imagine, I am perfectly fine with being sick! After going through 2 miscarriages, throwing up is so small on the grand scheme of everything! I think it bothers my family more since my sister had 2 perfect pregnancies and basically no symptoms, its definitely a new experience.

Movement:  I think around week 15 I started to feel a little something. I brushed it off a bit, but I am pretty sure it was something!

Labor signs: No.

What I miss: I really want to go on a cruise…….lol and sleeping on my stomach.

What I’m loving:   Everything. We told our families and it has been amazing! We really wanted to tell as many people in person as possible. We were able to tell our parents and siblings (Minus Gina and Addison) in person, as well as my grandparents. We also told a few close friends in Florida in person, as well as our neighbors and co-workers. We also sent sweet pregnancy announcements out, because we have such large families and many friends who have been thinking of us! The love has truly been unimaginable. We knew people were praying for us, we just had no idea how big our prayer circle was. Everyone has reached out with tears, or true joy and the sweetest comments. We will definitely be cherishing these moments for awhile.




What I’m looking forward to:  Our 20 week scan! And finalizing our birth plan with our doula. And building our registry. Every milestone is an exciting memory for us! My sister has started planning my baby shower, and it just makes me so excited and thankful for the love we have from everyone. No idea a 16 week old small little baby could be so loved.

Best moment this week: Telling our friends and family:)

Terrible pictures of me, but so much happiness! And I look huge in that dress, it clearly was a bad angle:)

Terrible pictures of me, but so much happiness! And I look huge in that dress, it clearly was a bad angle:)

Our good friend randomly was texting me about adopting and how she has been praying for us. And I told her to go check the mail.

Our good friend randomly was texting me about adopting and how she has been praying for us. And I told her to go check the mail.



Purchases: A few clothes when I can find them. Still nothing for the baby from me, but I have it on good authority Collier has purchased a few items for the nursery. He mentioned very early on that he wants to plan and complete the nursery all by himself. He says I have had too much stress over the last few years and wants to surprise me. I know the general theme, and so excited to see how it turns out!!!

Milestones: Feeling the quickening movement:) Woo!!! Grow baby grow!!!

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