Baby Valentine: Weeks 21-24

How far along: Weeks 21-24

Next appointment:  August 1st (Moving to every 2 weeks)

Gender:  I am thinking boy now…

Total weight gain/loss:   Gained 2 pounds.

Exercise:  Nope just a bunch of walking during vacations!

Stretch marks: Yes!!! And loving them:)

Swelling: Nope!

Maternity clothes: Yes! All about it. Splurged on a maternity bathing suit….forgot how hard it was to go pee in a one piece.


MY AC in my car broke, so I had a fun 5 hour drive home:)

Belly button: Slowly becoming an outie.

Happy or moody: Happy!!! Everyone can’t believe how happy I am….Hopefully this is how all pregnancies will be if I am blessed with another one.

Sleep: Still sleeping well. Getting up once or twice a night to use the bathroom. Andy is enjoying the pregnancy pillow.


Food cravings:   Still anything with red sauce! Or taco salad.

Symptoms:   Nothing crazy, still the smell of things, acid reflux. I had a bacterial infection which was interesting to add to my pregnancy story:)

Movement:  yes!!! Collier felt the baby kick during the taping of the John Oliver show.

john oliver

Labor signs: No

What I miss: Nothing really!

What I’m loving:  EVERYTHING! I am absolutely in love with the baby, and so looking forward to being a parent. I really am hoping I am giving the friends who are struggling with fertility hope. I know it doesn’t help at all when you are in the thick of things, but I really do want to be an example of hope and a miracle:)

What I’m looking forward to:  


Best moment this week: So much travelling! We went to NYC since Collier was working, Disney with the Stevens, and then North Carolina for a bridal shower.




Purchases: My mom bought us a fantastic glider/recliner. I have caught myself taking breaks when life is stressing me out and just hanging out in the nursery! Collier surprised me with the nursery decorations, and its amazing. I didn’t have to do anything, he did it all!

Milestones: We hit viability!!! I know this is a weird milestone for many, but for me it was more of a mental hurdle I wanted to get through:)

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