Baby Valentine: Weeks 25 & 26

How far along: Week 25 & 26

Next appointment:  August 1st

Gender:  No idea. I thought from a picture it was a boy by the way I was carrying, but who knows.

Total weight gain/loss:   +2

Exercise:  Just walking and staying active thanks to it being the busy time at work.

Stretch marks: Yes! I can’t stop looking at them. I feel like they came out of no where and are all below my belly button, so unless Collier would have pointed them out I probably wouldn’t have noticed them.

Swelling: Nope!

Maternity clothes: Yes, for sure! Still only having to buy a few things, thanks to friends lending me clothes.

Belly button: oh its so close to popping. Another funny thing I can’t stop looking at.

Happy or moody: So happy!


Sleep: Still sleeping well!

Food cravings:   Nothing really, if anything I am not really a huge dinner fan, so I am trying to eat a larger lunch meal. But I can’t eat too much or I feel sick.

Symptoms:   Nothing at all. If I am at my desk for long enough focused on work, and I feel a kick, I actually laugh at myself because I forget I am pregnant!

Movement:  Yes all of the time. I am loving it! Not kicking in my ribs or anything, guessing that is because of the location of my placenta.

Labor signs: No.

What I miss: Nothing….maybe Brie cheese? LOL

What I’m loving:  EVERYTHING! I am loving my stomach. I really thought for a moment when I got pregnant I would blow up in all directions, but it really is just out and in front. I just can’t stop touching my belly and looking at it.

What I’m looking forward to:  My first baby shower in Bluffton! And we have friends coming to visit us:)

Best moment this week: Our Childbirth and baby class was amazing! We did them two Saturdays back to back and loved the experience. The childbirth class was perfect, and the baby class could have been a little shorter. Either way, we both love learning and definitely learned some things!


Purchases: I worked on some favors for my upcoming showers…..I had to have some involvement in my showers:) lol

Milestones: Really looking pregnant! Even male faculty members are commenting on how pregnant I look.

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