Baby Valentine: Weeks 27 & 28

How far along: Weeks 27 and 28

Next appointment:  August 17th

Gender:  No idea. Keeping it a surprise!

Total weight gain/loss:   At the August 1st appointment, I had gained 8 pounds since my first apt at 6.5 weeks!

Exercise:  Nope, just staying active and moving!

Stretch marks: Yes. A ton! my sister in law made me some awesome stretch mark cream.

Swelling: Nope!

Maternity clothes: Yes, most definitely.

Belly button: sooo close to being out!

Happy or moody: Happy! Happy! Happy!!!! Even craziness at work is making me happy.

Sleep: Still sleeping well, unless I am fighting with Andy for my pillow.

Food cravings:   Just some Mexican food or pizza! I really want red sauce. I had a few bites of pizza, and got sick….not worth it!

Symptoms:   None. Just having my belly growing and have been able to control the acid reflux with my diet.

Movement:  Yes! A ton. He/she has been waking me up around 5am with kicking. I first wake up thinking its Andy, and then realize its my other little baby!

Labor signs: none

What I miss: Nothing!

What I’m loving:  The love for this baby!


What I’m looking forward to:  Trips to our homes in Florida!!! So excited to see family:)

Best moment this week: We had friends come in town to celebrate my birthday! And we had an amazing baby shower. I will probably post a separate post just about that. It was amazing and I only cried 3 times.


Purchases: None!

Milestones: I experienced probably my coolest symptom this week, but its personal:) LOL Feel free to ask and I will tell you.

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