Baby Valentine: Weeks 33 & 34

How far along: 33 and 34 weeks.

Next appointment:  Sept. 28th

Gender: Still the number one question we get asked, still the number one question we don’t have the answer to!


Total weight gain/loss:  I think about 2 pounds!

Exercise:  Well walking about 10 miles during a wedding weekend and walking 2 nights at Halloween Horror Nights and one night at Disney…..:)


Stretch marks: Oh yes. They are here for the long haul!

Swelling: nope!

Maternity clothes: Yes….duh!

Belly button: Out!

Happy or moody: happy!!! Went on our last trip as a couple without kids…:)

Sleep: Sleeping amazingly well! I think I will be one of those that sleeps perfectly until the last night.

Food cravings:   Just the usual heartburn foods!

Symptoms:  None. Another bit of Braxton hicks during the wedding, but I also think I maybe was a bit dehydrated! 

Movement:  Baby was going crazy during the reception…..I just stepped outside and watched the baby dance for a whole 12 minutes!


Labor signs: None!

What I miss: Nothing.

What I’m loving:  Everything! Its weird for everyone to be so worried about me. At HHN we actually got a wheelchair just to help me not have to do a bunch of standing while waiting in lines.

What I’m looking forward to:  Having everyone not worry about me, and worry about the baby instead!

Best moment this week: Enjoying moments with Collier while in Orlando!


Purchases: None:)

Milestones: Our last vacation before the baby!! No more travelling! And we took our maternity pictures:)


Thanks Rachel!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

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