Baby Valentine: Weeks 35 & 36

How far along: 35 and 36 weeks:)

Next appointment:  October 11th! We finally get another ultrasound!

Gender: Still waiting for his/her birthday!

Total weight gain/loss:  I think I am up to 21 pounds from my first appointment…

Exercise:  Walking and nesting….does that count? Plus a ton of squats!

Stretch marks: Oh yes, all still below the belly button, so I can’t see them without a mirror.

Swelling: Feet are swelling a tiny bit if I am sitting in a high top chair.

Maternity clothes: Oh yes.

Belly button: Out!

Happy or moody: so happy! Going to add in anxious to this weeks emotions, only because we were evacuated because of Hurricane Matthew at 36.5 weeks. I left to head to my good friend, Bri’s house in NC, and Collier stayed behind:)


Sleep: Sleeping like a rock!

Food cravings:   Just pizza and the usual citrus items I am missing!

Symptoms:   None:) Again, very thankful for an awesome pregnancy!

Movement:  Yes! And I finally got good video of it.

Labor signs: none! (main reason I left because we didn’t want the pressure to kick me into labor with all of the hospitals being shut down.)


What I miss: Collier and Andy…we had finally finished travelling and we were going to spend the weekend doing our final baby prep!

What I’m loving:  Gilmore Girls??? Just trying to keep my mind busy!

What I’m looking forward to:  Being back at home. Praying for everyone being affected by Hurricane Matthew, and hoping we can all go home soon.

Best moment this week: We had 2 baby showers!! One from our lovely neighbors and another from my co-workers. I am just an awe of the amazing people around us:)


Purchases: A few things from our registry with gift cards!



Milestones: I guess being evacuated and split up from each other this late in the game? I guess if anyone can handle it, we got this covered!!!


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