Aveline’s Birth Story


I am finally sitting down to write down the details of Aveline’s birth story. I made sure to keep notes of times and different things happening on my phone, and then we switched our phones back to Verizon, and I lost them all. So here goes based on memory:)

Monday, Oct. 31st, 2016:

The morning started off with Collier selling his car! We bought a new car the week before and were happy to find his trusty old car a new home. We both went off to work, and that was the highlight of our Halloween….so we thought. Around 1pm I left work to drop off dry cleaning, pick up a sandwich and went to meet my Doula to pick something up. When I was pulling out of the shopping center, I got into a car accident. I have never been the driver in a car accident, so I was just completely lost. The paramedics came and it was hard telling them it was my due date without bursting into tears. They took my blood pressure and it was fine. They suggested I go to the hospital, but because the accident was in South Carolina, they suggested I wait until Collier arrived and have him take me to the Savannah hospital where our insurance is. I called my friend Lisa, because it happened close to her husband’s office, and thank goodness she came so quickly. She stayed with me until Collier got there. This was all around 2pm.

I decided to call my OBGYN to see if I could just stop by their office to get monitored and to have them check on the baby. They told me the blood work that needed to be done, needed to happen at the hospital so we could get the results within 4 hours. So we headed straight to Savannah. It was during work hours and we didn’t want any family to overreact, so we decided to not tell anyone. I just made sure my work knew.

We got to the ER and they checked us in and brought us up to Labor and Delivery right away. I got a little stressed because they put us in an actual room, and not the triage rooms that they showed us on the tour. But we asked and they just said they were busy. So they hooked me up to the baby monitor and then took my blood. They kept me hooked up for an hour and everything looked fine. The doctor on call came by and explained to us the reasoning we were told to come right to the hospital and what the blood work was for. It was checking to see if any of the baby’s blood was being mixed into my blood. He said he didn’t think it would come back positive, so he discharged us and said he would call us if it came back positive.

We headed home right before it was starting to get dark and we beat the trick or treaters thank goodness! We answered the door to one group……



Thanks Lorie for snapping this picture:) You can tell I had been crying a bunch. As soon as we closed the door, we  both called our moms and updated them. We hung up just as a restricted number was calling me…..I had Collier answer. It was the doctor telling us the test came back positive and we needed to head back to the hospital. He said to expect to have the baby in the next day. I could barely hold it together so I started crying, having a panic attack and then doing the dishes! Well it wasn’t a panic attack….I don’t think. I just heard there was a medical issue with my placenta and baby and I freaked out thinking I caused something bad to happen to the baby. We gathered everything, took a pic with Andy, and got back in the car to head to the hospital. Having to back out of the driveway on our way to have a baby with 30 neighbors asking was a lot of fun:) lol We also called back our parents and updated them. We told them to not head to Savannah yet, as it could be a 2 day process. (We later found out they all left anyways to head north….couldn’t blame them!)

20161031_184724 20161031_184748

We probably should have gone back through the ER, but instead we just went straight to labor and delivery and they checked us back in and put us in our labor and delivery room. This was around 7pm. I knew it was starting when the nurse came in and said lets go ahead and get you dressed and ready to be induced. We were nervous to be induced since we had such a grand plan to go natural, but we had a great support system saying it was still possible. (I had been messaging my chiropractor and doula who were giving us good advice.) Our new plan changed to me having enough energy to not have to have a C-section after a very long labor, since I knew the baby was not ready to come. I just had a feeling.

20161031_193832 20161031_213326

The new doctor on call came in around 7:30pm to check dilation (I was already 2cm dilated) so she just wanted to get a plan. Of course she suggested Pitocin, and we said no. As long as the baby wasn’t in distress. We asked if we could do the balloon (foley bulb) and the doctor said yes. She said it could take 4 hours or could take 10 hours to fall out, which means we would then be at 4cm. They inserted the balloon and we were told to rest. I was having contractions, but nothing terrible. Hallmark was showing Christmas movies already, so I watched those while Collier slept.


Tuesday, Nov. 1st 2016

I think it fell out around 4am. The doctor came back in to check and push Pitocin again, and we said no. She was able to break my water and we were able to turn down the meds once more. We got to 7cm by 7am, we were so excited. They brought in the tools for delivery….I guess they thought it would be happening soon. Well, let’s just say the doctor came back every 2 hours to check dilation and nothing was happening. At noon, we were able to come to the decision that at 2pm if I am still at 7cm we would start Pitocin. I think the blessing here is that I was at 7cm for so long, and handling those contractions allowed my pain tolerance to handle the Pitocin to a certain degree? OH and somewhere in the craziness, I kept saying my IV in my left hand hurt more than the contractions. Finally the nurse looked at it and realized the other nurse messed it up and was causing my hand to swell. So I couldn’t even move it. So they had to switch it to the other hand.

Loved that I was able to eat throughout the whole thing. Definitely makes a difference.

Loved that I was able to eat throughout the whole thing. Definitely makes a difference.

They started the Pitocin at 3pm. I decided to get a mini dose of a Tylenol type drug to take the edge off? Didn’t do much, but around 4pm I could tell I was losing energy fast. I actually think I asked for a higher dose of the pain meds but it was too late. Around 5pm, the nurse checked dilation and I was at 8cm. Around 5:40pm, I could tell I really wanted to push. The nurse checked and the baby still had not dropped. She was not in position at all.

Double hip pressure for the win!

Double hip pressure for the win!

I was 10cm though, so she said I could practice pushing if I wanted. She told me to be prepared because it could take 4 hours. Well I think we started pushing right before 6pm?


When the Pitocin was kicking in. Selfie with my Doula, April and our nurse Jobie!

When the Pitocin was kicking in. Selfie with my Doula, April and our nurse Jobie!




And I think after 2 pushes, the baby’s head was crowning and the nurse sat down and called the doctor on her cell and said it was happening. So I kept pushing and at 6:26pm, Aveline Noelle was born.

img_0357 img_0362

When the baby came out, I specifically asked that Collier be the one to tell me if it was a girl or boy. And I thought for sure it was a boy. And then Collier told me it was a girl. My heart stopped I think. I think I kind of was in awe of the whole thing. We did skin to skin and Collier went to tell the parents the gender as well as the baby’s name! My sisters were in the room and were able to take video and pictures, which I cannot be thankful enough for.


Aveline Noelle Faubion 8lbs 20.25 inches and born at 6:26pm.

I had a 2nd degree tear, but didn’t have any other issues. In the days after I think I did have some weird hip issue, but it is getting better. All in all, our miracle baby is precious and so loved by everyone!

3 thoughts on “Aveline’s Birth Story

  1. Loved hearing it from you ….someday Aveline will love reading this! You were amazing and I was so proud of you! Love you!

  2. Hi Ashley. I loved reading your story and learning all that you went through that day. It could not have been easy and certainly was scary at times. Things rarely work out exactly as we plan on them happening and you certainly proved that theory. Laboring is the right word for birthing a baby and you did it beautifully and lovingly. After all the ups and downs of the day you got the grand prize in the end. Your baby is beautiful and healthy and you seem to be basking in motherhood. Your smile alone could light up our whole town. Enjoy this special time with Aveline because believe me it goes by so quickly. We wish all good things for your family and love you all so much. Come for a visit when you can so we can help spoil Aveline a little. Always, Nene

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