Aveline Noelle: Month 1


The first month of being parents to Aveline, has been nothing short of amazing. She is such a good baby! She is sleeping well, eating well and pooping well….all the things a newborn should be doing! Collier and I are so in love with her little personality. She fits perfectly into our little family. It’s funny, we feel like our worlds have all changed, but then again we feel like nothing has changed at all. Like she was always meant to be here.


She is sleeping really well. She likes to sleep on her tummy, so I am eager for her to be able to roll over so I can stop worrying about it! We are breastsleeping, which I just learned the term of a few days ago. She usually goes down around 10pm, wakes around 1ish, and then again at 5:30ish. She will usually sleep until 10am. I know we aren’t even close to a schedule, but it seems to me like she is already on one possibly? We will see what the upcoming Christmas season does to it:)


She is primarily on the boob! She had a latch problem for the first week or so, but we were able to get that under control. We are feeding on demand, and I honestly think that is what has made her sleep schedule so perfect. I bought a manual pump because I wanted something smaller, and it is perfect. I usually pump around 9am, just to be more comfortable until she wakes up. Also, with the travelling coming up we wanted to be prepared.


  • She loves bathtime. Collier and I are so awkward just because we are so worried she will slip.
  • She loved being held, especially with so many family members visiting, she got into a habit of always wanting to be held, so we had to work on that thank goodness and she is back to enjoying her alone time.
  • She loves tummy time. Probably a little too much….
  • She loves to sleep on her side and her stomach.
  • She doesn’t cry much at all, usually only in the car seat.
  • I have learned that nursing clothes do make a world of difference with feeding comfortably in public. I have also learned you will leak everywhere almost 24/7.

Her newborn pictures turned out great! She pooped a few times on us, but still everything turned out amazingly.




She voted in the 2016 election:) Worst nights sleep this month for her mommy.

She voted in the 2016 election…best way to celebrate her 1 week birthday!:) Worst nights sleep this month for her mommy.

Enjoying tummy time!

Enjoying tummy time!


Grandma Vance came to visit!

Grandma Vance came to visit!


Told ya she loves tummy time....especially on her Aunt Heather!

Told ya she loves tummy time….especially on her Aunt Heather!


She met her Uncle Hunter!

She met her Uncle Hunter!


Her 1st Thanksgiving!

Her 1st Thanksgiving!

Faubion Thanksgiving!

Faubion Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Aveline Noelle: Month 1

  1. Great first month. She fits in the family schedule so well and just goes with the flow…a true blessing. We all love her so much and love sharing in your happiness. Give her a little lists from Grandad and Nene.

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