Aveline Noelle: Month 3


I guess I am going to keep saying this, but this 3rd month was so much fun! Aveline is really becoming quite the little lady. She is a very happy baby for sure. No idea how we got so lucky! I went back to work on Jan. 28th, so it has been an adjustment, but definitely manageable.



She is sleeping great! She sleeps from about 10pm-5am and then again until about 9:30am. This is definitely doable right now, so we aren’t touching or changing a thing. She sleeps mainly in her bassinet now, but sometimes after the 5am feeding, I may grab her and cuddle with her in bed. She is just too cute.



We are still feeding on demand. I sort of think that is why she is so happy and easy going. Feeding on demand is definitely the way to go if you are questioning it! We found out she can taste the difference between frozen milk and fresh milk, so I stopped pumping to freeze. Basically just pumping for the following few days. I do have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump which is a bummer since Aveline and Collier are fast asleep.



  • She saw snow for the first time! It was so great….she wasn’t too big of a fan until she caught a snowflake in her mouth and then was confused as to what the cold feeling was.




  • She loves a peek a boo bear my mom gave her! She just laughs at it and is confused at what it is doing.


  • She got her first vaccinations. She cried for probably 2-3 minutes and then she was fine. No symptoms from them at all!
  • She loves watching Andy and following her around the room.



  • She rolled over from her stomach to her back (Jan. 19th)!


  • Her second Cousins Aunt Lilly and V came to visit her!!! She loved having them in town and we even went on a ghost tour. (Mommy nursed me while walking the tour…..she felt like a bad a$$.)


  • Her BFF Elias gave her a rock n play, so she enjoys sitting in it and playing with toys!
  • Aunt Heather came to visit and we went to a baby massage class organized by my doula. So much fun!


  • Aveline is starting to sit up in her Bumbo for a small amount of time. And she is loving her exersaucer as long as she has a blanket to help prop her up.


  • She is officially a thumb sucker. We keep trying the pacifier, but have pretty much given up. May introduce it again when we fly next month.


  • We did mommy and me yoga and loved it. Definitely a workout worth doing!

Loving every day with our miracle baby!



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