Aveline Noelle: Month 4

What a great month! The month was pretty much all centered around meeting her cousin Juliana! So much fun seeing these two meet and creating memories:) Aveline helped her learn how to smile and laugh, and Juliana helped her learn how to take a pacifier! Can’t wait for the next get together in August!


Well she has always been a great sleeper since day one, and I am nervous to even put this out there! BUT she started sleeping even better than before. When we were in the cabin at Big Bear Lake, I would put her down around 8pm and then she would sleep through her 5am feeding until around 7am. Once we got back home on Feb. 21st, we decided to try out her crib. It was a rough night for Momma, but Aveline did great. We put her down around 9:30pm and she slept until her 5am feeding and then went right back to bed in the crib. The next night we got her to bed at 8pm and she slept right through her feeding until 7am. On the 3rd night she went to bed at 7:39pm and slept until I woke her to go to work. For the last few nights she has been falling asleep between 7:05pm and 7:30pm and sleeping all the way until 7am, usually waiting for mommy to wake her up. Although, this morning she woke up on her own at 7:20am and it was so much fun watching her on the monitor talk to herself. Andy has learned how to push the door open and goes in there a few times before we go to bed to check on her. So sweet.

When we knew we should probably transition to the crib!


She is doing well with being at Jamie’s house! She is nursing in the morning, and then drinking a bottle at 10am, 1pm and 4pm and then nursing until bedtime. A few times Jamie has been able to give her frozen milk and she will take it….sometimes she will make a face, but she is drinking it! A few times this month with travelling and such I have had to help boost my milk, drinking a few stouts, eating oatmeal and taking a few supplements. They definitetly work and pick it back up! Hopefully one day I can stop waking up in the middle of the night while everyone else is asleep!



First Plane Ride. 2.15.17

  • She did so well on her first plane ride! She slept during takeoff and throughout the long flight to LAX. I tried to get her to suck and nurse during takeoff and landing, but nothing really worked to keep her awake.

First Class Seats for her First Flight!


  • She met her cousin Juliana and her Aunt and Uncle!!! It was so much fun and my heart melts every time a new relative meets her. Can’t wait for these two to grow up together.

With Uncle Addison! (And Lola)


And her Aunt Gina!

And most importantly meeting her cousin!

Uncle Collier with Juliana!


And I am in love with my cutest and newest niece!


  • Aveline also went to Disney{land} for the first time! She was so interested in everything, all of the lights, the people the rides. I can’t wait to bring her back again!

Toy Story Mania! Her First Ride!


She also loved The Little Mermaid ride.

She loves gingers! Or Flounder…

  • She got to play in the snow again! She didn’t like her snowsuit at all, actually she cried the whole time. LOL but It got better and she was happy once we stripped her down to her PJ’s.

  • She also was able to meet her Uncle Matt! He played a big part in Collier and I getting together, so we were so happy they could meet!

  • Aveline is loving her exersaucer and really getting curious about all of the little toys in it. It’s fun to see her learn something new each day on her own!

  • She is also obsessed with her little Winnie-The-Pooh Book! She will just play with it forever and it completely calms her down when needed!

  • We try to go to the 5pm mass each week, and we have officially turned into the greeters while Collier is busy ushering. She just smiles and laughs and mingles with all of the church goers.

  • She loves the Bumble Bee blanket Aunt Heather’s Mother In Law made for her. She just stares at it and talks to all of the little Bees on it. So adorable.

  • We are also doing well with Baby Yoga! It causes a little bit of spit up, but she enjoys it! Mommy is the one with the issues….its hard carrying a 14.1 lb baby!

  • Aveline is learning how to cuddle and it completely melts my heart. She has started grabbing the back of my arm if I am carrying her, and she is all about slobbering on my face. (I say she is kissing me, but others tell me she is trying to nurse….lol)



Weighing in at 14.1 lbs!

Loves her rock n play!

I mean can you just not smile when you see this every morning.

She completely has our heart and we are not taking these special moments for granted at all. We are so very lucky!

One thought on “Aveline Noelle: Month 4

  1. Miss Aveline has captured our hearts as well. She is so perfect in every way. Her smile melts your heart and those big beautiful blue eyes reflect the heavens. She is a lucky little girl to be a member of such loving families and constantly surrounded by people who love her dearly. …And, my oh my are we all lucky to have her. God bless…Nene and Geandad

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