Collier Millican’s Birth Story Part 1

What a birth story this was. With Aveline’s birth story, it was sort of uneventful once we got to the hospital. I had been hoping to go into labor naturally, and had been told by so many people, man you look huge that baby won’t make it to his due date. Or second babies come fast and just slip on out! Well, looking back we were doomed from the beginning.

Let’s start from the beginning…..


I had hurt my wrist and wanted to get it checked out at with a specialist. They asked if I was pregnant and I said nope, having just taken a pregnancy test. This was Thursday, August 3rd. The whole time during that MRI, I just felt weird. The next morning, while feeding Andy, I almost threw up from the smell of her dog food. I immediately went and took another test and completely forgot about it because Aveline had woken up and I was busy with feeding her. She had just turned 9 months old on August 1st. I probably went back into my bathroom around 10am(3 hours after) and saw the smallest and faintest line. My first reaction was pure laughter. And I just grabbed Aveline and hugged her and cried and smiled and laughed. I couldn’t believe it. I had never had a spontaneous pregnancy. I had never had a positive test without months of trying and planning. I had never experienced a positive test without reservation and anxiety and so much stress. So I guess I was just laughing at the fact that we had a positive pregnancy test without having to go through everything? Who knows.


Our little secret before we told Daddy!

After I quickly realized we had good insurance unlike when we lived in Bluffton, I called my OBGYN and told them my miscarriage history and that I had no clue how far along I was, and they worked me in for bloodwork and an ultrasound. Bloodwork came back with I think an HCG of 17 and ultrasound showed hardly nothing. They said given my history they are okay with me coming back in Monday for a repeat bloodwork and then waiting 1 week for a repeat ultrasound. HCG continued to rise and eventually everything seemed to be growing okay. Looking back, I got the first positive test on Week 3 day 2. LOL.

***Unlike with Aveline, I felt so at ease telling our families this time. This is the 4th reveal I had done and so happy the anxiety had subsided and we were able to enjoy telling them, and we got to tell them in person! I think we told them at 6 weeks, whereas with Aveline I waited until the 2nd trimester***


Because we had such early tracking, I knew the dating ultrasound was off. I knew when we had conceived, or within 5 days of it. So at every appointment when they said we were measuring way ahead, I knew we were. And they still never updated the due date. They also didn’t perform an ultrasound after 24 weeks. After speaking with my doula and midwife and OBGYN, I have been told that a mothers instincts is huge when it comes to how big or small the baby is. I knew this baby was bigger than my daughter was. I never had aches or sleep issues, and weighed 5lbs less than I did with my daughter, but I just knew it was going to be a big baby.


How we told Daddy!

So pair the big baby with the wrong due date, and what do you get? Midwifes telling you they are just going to let me go past the due date and no need for induction. I think when I was getting close to the end, I was freaking out mainly bc of a little bit of stress from Aveline’s car accident story. I was worried something was wrong with the baby and just needed to have him/her. I finally went to the doctors Week 40 appointment and they agreed we could set an induction date. So we scheduled it for Week 40 day 5 by their timeline. My timeline it was Week 42.


4 days before Baby was going to enter this world!

So we go in on April 24th at 5pm. We had a mix up with the babysitters because our normal babysitter had to have emergency dental surgery! Of course. And we live in Delaware with no family. So a church friend (who has turned into so much more) saved the day and was able to leave her job early and watch Aveline overnight. (First time away from her ever.) She watched Aveline until 8am when she had to go to college, and then we had a neighbor tag team and watch her during the day.


Last picture as an only child!

When we get to the hospital and get hooked up, we come to find out I am 3/4 cm and having contractions on my own. They decide to wait a few hours to see what happens and if my body can do this on its own. Looking back, I had such high hopes. I really thought this was going to be an even better story than Aveline’s which included Pitocin.

Part 2 coming soon!

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